what is web publishing

What is web publishing? difference between hosting and publishing?

What is web publishing? difference between hosting and publishing?-

Many types of terms and terms are used in the field of web development. One of these words is web publishing, about which many people do not know what is web publishing? Or what is a web publisher? 

Some people consider web hosting and publishing to be the same even though the two are completely different. Today we are going to explain this in detail.

What is web publishing?

In simple words, if you publish any information or content on the internet, publishing is called web publishing or online publishing.

Some of these types of work are done in it:

  • Creating and uploading a website.
  • To update a web page.
  • Publishing blog posts etc.

The content to be published can be in many different types of formats such as text, image, videos, pdf. It is worth noting here that publishing content on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. is not called  publishing.

what is web publishing

What are the requirements for website publishing?

Website publishing requires some of the following:

  • Web publishing tools
  • Internet connection
  • Domain name
  • Web Hosting
Let us try to understand these three in detail.

Web publishing tools: 

You need some tools or software to do this work. These tools can be of many types, such as if you are designing your website yourself, then you will need some design tools, code editor , image editor etc. If you are writing a blog, you can use an online interface such as wordpress, blogger etc.
Internet connection:
You can also do some work like website designing and coding offline but to upload all the things on internet , obviously you will need internet connection. Only through internet you will be able to upload the content of your website to the web server.
Domain Name:
The content of the website or blog you create can be seen by anyone all over the world wide, but how will it reach your website?Obviously, a web address will be required for this, through which your website can be accessed. The same web address is called the domain name, just like our website’s domain name is quickradar.net, in the same way you also have to buy a domain.quickradar.net is just like that, you also have to buy a domain.

Web Hosting: 

After creating the website, you have to upload the content of the website to a web server to make it available on the Internet.

To get a web server, you have to choose a good web hosting company and buy a web hosting package keeping in mind the storage space and other features as per your requirement, for which you will have to pay some money monthly or annually.

After taking the web hosting service, you get an interface through which you will be able to easily upload your content such as articles, images, videos etc. After this your site or blog will be available on the internet.

To understand web hosting in detail read this:  What is web hosting? how does it work? (What is Web Hosting)

What is the difference between web hosting and web publishing?

Many people are confused about the terms of web hosting and web publishing, what is the difference between them. Let’s clear this confusion:

  • Web hosting usually refers to a company providing a hosting service that provides hosting space in the server for different types of websites.
  • Web publishing refers to an individual or organization that designs a website and web content and then publishes on a hosting server.
  • Web hosting provides a location on the server to hold the content.
  • There are many functions under web publishing such as creating, updating, publishing, maintaining a website etc.
  • Many companies provide both web hosting and publishing facilities to their customers, they design the website by taking instructions from their client and update the information on it.
  • Some companies only offer hosting and the publishing work has to be done by the customer either himself or with the help of a professional (web publisher).

Both hosting and publishing are completely different, so there should be no confusion about them.

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