"What is the difference between a website and  blog? "

“What is the difference between a website and blog? “

“What is the difference between a website and  blog? “

We had told that blog is a kind of website, but the confusion here is that if the blog is a website then “What is the difference between a website and  blog? “
div>Actually the blog and website also have some similarities like:

  • Both require domain and hosting.
  • To access both of these, a web address means a URL is required.
  • Both use text, image, videos and graphics and links.
Some people want to start their own website or blog but they are stuck in the dilemma as to what is better of the two. And they do not understand that they should make a website or blog?
Such questions come in the mind of many people, so today we have tried to answer this question through this article.

If you also want to understand the difference between blog and website, then definitely read this article.

To understand this, here we will discuss some things given below:

  • What is the difference between a website and a blog?
  • Create a website or blog? Who is better at both?
  • Can we create both a website and a blog?
So let us now try to know the answers to these questions in detail. Apart from these, if you also have some questions related to this topic, then please tell us by commenting below.

“What is the difference between a website and  blog?”

If you say in a nutshell, “All blogs are websites but not all websites  can be blogs” , that is,  blogs can also be called websites.
Still confused?
Let us understand this in more detail and first of all know what are the websites and blogs and what is their identity.
What is a website?

A website or site is a collection of many related web pages. That is, a website is made up of many pages and we can access these pages from the home page of the website.

If you run a business or organization, then you must have a website. Nowadays website is required for almost every organization. On this, you can win their trust about your product or services by telling people about your work and about yourself.

The biggest goal of building a website is to build brand, this increases the identity of your business and increases the trust of the customer towards you.

Website examples:

  • E-commerce sites: like Flipkart, Amazon, e-bay etc.
  • Social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Forums: Quora, Google forum, Stackoverflow etc.

What is the identity of a website?

  • The website is professional in appearance and it identifies the identity of an organization. Such as: Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc.
  • The website is also made by an institution, school, university etc. to give information about their work and address.
  • It may contain information about a product or service. And there can also be a facility to buy it online. For example: Flipkart, PayTM etc.
  • It may contain a registration form.
  • Users can create their account by login or register.
  • Many times a user needs to login to access the website’s content.
  • Most websites have one-way communication, that is, information is given from the website, but the user is not able to keep his point on that site. That is, there is no facility to comment.
  • But there may be a contact form on it so that visitors can send you messages.
What is a blog?
Blog is a type of website. It is a platform where the blogger writes articles from time to time, sharing information and ideas about various topics to the people.
Blog can be written on any subject like technology, news, politics, education, it depends entirely on the intrest of the blog writer.

It can be run by any one person or a group. Nowadays, companies write articles on blogs to promote their product or service and tell about their services and try to attract customers and make customers.

The purpose of creating a blog is to reach out to people, give them information about work, talk to their customers, engage them and also give them an opportunity to talk and understand them.

What is the identity of a blog?

  • Articles are written on blogs called blog posts.
  • The blog post is shown in a list by chronologial (date appears first).
  • Blog content is updated and new posts are added by the blogger from time to time.
  • There is a comment system below every post where the visitor can share his comments.
  • Most content is informative and educational.
  • Content is divided into different categories.
  • There is also a subscription system on which the subscriber is informed by email when a new post is published.
  • A blog can also be a part of a website.


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