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Search engine types & What is protocols

Search engine types & What is protocols-

Search engine work -The content of the website has to be provided to the user as per the need.Web search engine is designed for information search on the web. Information may also web pages, pictures, and other information.

Every company wants To be visible his web page at the top in search results.In order to get better ranking of the website in search engines make some modifications. It’s called seo(search engine optimization)

Search Engine Name-

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo!Search
  3. Aol Search
  4. Bing
  5. Ask
  6. My web search
  7. Blekko
  8. Lycos
  9. Dogpile
  10. Webcrawler
  11. Info
  12. Infospace
  13. Search
  14. Excite
  15. GoodSearch

Google Buzz –

The search engine has started a social networking site called Google Buzz.Buzz is related to Google’s email service.Google first launched Orkut.


Search engine Google’s new operating system Chrome is for personal computers and laptops.Iran Banned Google’s Gmail service in 3 fab.2010. Google Announced to launch new desktop application software (28 fab 2010).Google was the first company to offer WiMAX facility in India.


Search Engine

The rules that are used to transfer information one computer to another computer on Internet.They are called protocols. Protocols Type-

1.I.P Protocol-

A set of rules made for the interaction of a computer with another computer. Called I.P Protocol, An identification code is given to the server in the network and its associated node.This is called ip address.This is the computer address associated with the Internet.When we search a website, the web browser first detects its ip address.Then connects it to the computer.

2.TCP Protocol-

Group of rules made for transfer of information Is called TCP(Transmission control protocol).TCP is broadcast controller With TCP Differnet Computer’s Communicate .

The TCP / IP protocol transmits that data to its fixed location, keeping the data secure in the Internet. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) splits entire data into smaller data packets. And sends it to the internet. Now the IP (Internet Protocol) reaches this data to its Destination Point. Which establishes communication between the Internet and the network. Communication in the Internet is not possible without both of these protocols.

The TCP / IP network model mainly consists of four types of Layers: –

Network Interface Layer: – This is the lowest layer of TCP / IP. This layer is also called Network Access Layer. This layer acts as the Physical Layer and Data Link Layer of the OSI Model. The Network Layer describes how to send data to the network.


Internet Layer (Network Layer): – This layer acts like the Network Layer of OSI Model, hence it is also called Network Layer. This layer is present between the Application Layer and the Transport Layer. The main function of this layer is to provide connectionless communication in the network.


Transport Layer: – This layer is located between the Application Layer and the Internet Layer. The main function of this layer is to transmit data. Two types of protocols work in this layer- 1) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 2) User Datagram Protocol (UDP)


Application Layer: –  Only through this layer, the user can take advantage of all other layers. It is through this layer that the user connects to the internet or network. Such as: – web browser, email browser etc. The application layer performs many types of protocols such as HTTP, DNS, FTP etc.

History Of Internet/Internet Uses Detail

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