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Privacy Policy of “Quick Radar”

Hello friends, I want to tell you privacy policy of my site that whatever I share on my site and what information you’ll get on my site, this privacy policy will help you to understand this. If you use my website then you have to follow the privacy policy of the site, otherwise, I have the full Rights to block you.

What I share on my site:

  • Technology news, tips, and tricks
  • Trending technology, gadgets
  • Computer solutions and software knowledge
  • Blogging Tips

What can I do for you?

  • Whatever I share on my site, if you feel something wrong, you can approach me doing just a single comment.
  • Whatever you feel wrong on this website, you can also can me by visiting our contact us page and can give me your precious suggestion. Your suggestion will be appreciated.

How to use “Quick Radar ” Website

  • Don’t do any false comment
  • Comment only those things which are related to the post.
  • If you don’t like something on my site, then you can contact me by visiting the Contact Us page. You can simply just comment as well but don’t use abusive words, it will not be tolerated.

Third Party Link

You can’t share any third party link on my site without my permission. If it is necessary, then you can do, but don’t do without any reason, just for fun, Otherwise, your comment will not be published.


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Change Privacy Policy

Quick Radar net has the full right to change its privacy policy. Whenever it will be changed, you’ll be notified through my post.

Terms and Condition

I firmly believed that will follow the instruction of privacy policy.

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I have full right to delete, block, and spam your comment. So, I expect that you will follow my privacy policy.