‘Kashmir ki kali'(Sharmila Tagore) celebrating her birthday on 8 December today.

Actress Sharmila Tagore turns 75 today. Actress Sharmila Tagore of 60-70s has given many great films. Sharmila Tagore was born into a Bengali family. Her father Gitendranath Tagore was the general manager of the British India Company of ‘Tagore Elgin Mills’.

Sharmila Tagore married Indian cricket team captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Sharmila and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi met at Sharmila’s home in Kolkata. Pataudi had come to attend an event with his friend, where he saw Sharmila. Sharmila Tagore started her acting career with Satyajit Ray’s film. His first Bollywood film ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’ came in 1964.

She also posed in a bikini in 1968 for the Glossy film Fair magazine. In Mumbai, there were vast hoardings of ‘Evening in Paris’, in which Sharmila was wearing a bikini. According to reports, Sharmila came to know one day that Mansoor’s mother was coming to meet him. After which Sharmila went under a lot of tension. Sharmila was worried that if Mansoor’s mother saw her bikini posters and did not like them, then she should not reject them.

Sharmila Tagore became the highest-paid actress in the 70s and won two National Film Awards and two Filmfare Awards for her outstanding performance.

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