Interesting legends related to Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha, know what is unique.

The love story of Bollywood’s Evergreen actress Rekha and Emperor Amitabh Bachchan was in the news. There was a time when the love story of the two was on everyone’s tongue. The pair of Rekha and Amitabh have given many super hit films.

But both of them were surrounded by controversies in real life. The affair of both becomes a topic of discussion in the media even today. Even today, people want to know the answer to this question, why Amitabh and Rekha do not face each other? What is the compulsion that both of them change their path as soon as they see each other?

There was a time when Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan were ready to do anything for each other. According to the news, Rekha reads Amitabh’s blog on social media but never gives any response to her. Not only this, but Rekha also watches and praises Amitabh’s films, but avoids talking in front of the media just by saying that Amitabh is an excellent artist.

The stories of their love are still famous, like any new pair. But to date, neither Rekha nor Amitabh openly mentioned their love story. Rekha and Amitabh last worked together in the film ‘Silsila.’ Since then, many director producers have tried to cast Rekha and Amitabh, but both of them rejected these offers.


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