History of internet

History Of Internet/Internet Uses Detail

History Of Internet/Internet Uses Detail-

(HISTORY OF INTERNET)Internet has made the whole world a global village, in which every kind of information is available at every click. On 2 September 1949 Information was exchanged by two computers at the University of California.1949 US Department of Defense start  “Arpanet” by networking four university computers.

Internet is also known as Information Highway.Internet who brought revolution in information technology completed 48  years on 2 September 2017 .In 1980, the US National Science Foundation built the internet  on official basis.

Internet chatting started in 1949 (Jaco Okri Nene from Finland).

Mark Andreson  developed Mozek(Navigation System) in 1939.

The (US) ICON agency is monitoring the Internet’s domains and protocols.It is possible to communicate graphic ,software and information through the Internet.

World wide web(www)-


This is a type of database .In this information is put with different title and sub title.The page of www is called web page.These pages are written in html & where web page stored It is called a website.  www developed by Tim Berners Lee(1989).The first page of the web page is called the home page.

Internet Explorer-

Internet explorer helps us to connect to internet.One of its features its intelligence technology.intelligent technology completes user work . File,Edit,View,Stop,Refresh,Home,Search etc menu bar are there.Title bar,Menu bar,Home, Address, Site area,Scroll bar,Status bar also are there.

Internet Work Method-

Internet-Network of computers connected to optical fiber. In this, the network of computers connects with main computer by telephone line. Connection is done by normal wire instead of telephone line, then it is called “networking”.Computer and telephone are connected by modem.

Required equipment for internet-

  • Personal Computer
  • Telephone
  • Modem
  • Internet Software
  • Internet Service Provider

Connect To Internet-

  • Modem Installation (Start-Setting-Control Panel-Modem)
  • Connect To Internet (My Computer-Dial up Networking-Make New Connection-My Connection)


Computer that communicates to other computers via the internet Called host or server.Host is more powerful than other computers.Each host of a TCP/ IP network has a different ip address.So that host has a different identity on the network.

Network Card-

dsl /cable network is used to connect other computers.Every word related to the internet has a special name.           ex-www.raipublications.com,This is a website address.When we want to connect to a server we need an address,

Ramlinga Raju, founder of Satyam Computer is from Andhra Pradesh.Raju popularized Hyderabad as saybrabad. Popular magazine Wayerd nominated Internet in 2010 for Nobel Prize.


HTML Web Design code/HTML Codes


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