Facebook launches three home calling devices,

On Wednesday Facebook launched three new devices. This includes Re-Design Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal TV.

Portal costs 13 thousand and Portal Mini costs 9 thousand rupees. The company will also start selling it in 6 other countries including UK, France, Spain.

Portal Portal Mini

  • The design of the new portal like a digital photo frame. Portal has a 10-inch HD display while Portal Mini will get an 8-inch HD display.
  • Both the devices adjust the color and brightness of the display according to the room’s light.
  • It has a built-in camera, microphone, and speakers with which voice calls can be done.
  • The new portal has also used artificial intelligence technology, with the help of which it follows the user during video calls.
  • The price of the portal is 13 thousand rupees while the portal mini costs 9 thousand rupees. Their sales will start on October 13.

Portal tv

  • Portal TV is a new Facebook device. It has all the necessary hardware including a built-in speaker for video calling and music streaming.
  •  It has a 12.5-megapixel camera, which provides a 120-degree view.
  • WhatsApp and Messenger calls can be made by connecting it to the TV. In addition to playing Facebook AR games, it can also be used as a digital photo frame.
  • Its price is 11 thousand rupees. Its sale will start on November 5.

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