Arshi Khan’s anger on Shahnaz, said- ‘mentally ill person.

Many such stories are being made in Bigg Boss 13 these days which are not liked by the X Contestants. Everyone has seen Shahnaz and Siddharth’s affair in the show so far, but these days, seeing the behaviour of Shahnaz Gill, the celebs, including the fans, are also shocked. Yes, many people are surprised to see Shahnaz’s over-positive love for Siddharth and Arshi Khan’s statement has come out on this behaviour of Shahnaz. Let me tell you that Arshi has appeared in Bigg Boss, and she recently said about Shehnaaz- “I don’t understand why she is doing like this.”

His behaviour is not normal. There is nothing wrong with Shehnaaz in my mind, but she has fallen behind Siddharth. It looks very cheap. She is not a child. Arshi further said,” For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, I have seen this when a weekend episode of a weekend has run without a member. Salman sir also got fed up with him, so he called him Puglet and warped Siddharth too.

There was a time when Arshi is harassing Hiten Tejwani on the show, and while talking about her season, she said, “I used to harass Hiten too, but I never crossed my limits. You would never have seen me sitting on Hiten’s bed. Sleeping together is a big deal. I hug Hiten only once throughout the season.

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