Arhan Khan’s ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa arrested from Goregaon.

The Mumbai Police has busted a high profile sex racket at a five-star hotel in Goregaon. According to a police officer, among those arrested are a Bollywood actress and a model. Among those detained is Amrita Dhanoa, a former girlfriend of actor Arhan Khan, who was a contestant in Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss contestant Arhan Khan’s ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa is in the news once again after being named in the high profile sex racket. The Mumbai Police have arrested amrita from a hotel in Goregaon East.

According to the police officer, the police, led by DSP DS Swamy, raided the sex racket. He told that Bollywood actress Amrita Dhanoa (32) and model Richa Singh arrested. Police rescued the two girls and came to know that they were co-ordinating with Amrita and Richa, who were in the vicinity of the hotel. When Amrita came to know about Red, he tried to escape from the scene but was arrested by the police in time.


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